Our philosophy



We make high precision tools and metal works according to our customer’s drawings. We collaborate with our customers every day, managing together all the phases of processing and all the problems arising from the project of the tool until the finished product, always ensuring high quality results and developing avant-garde technical solutions. This approach allows us to maintain a constant innovation attitude.



Dynamic firm, with an innate culture of the continuous improvement, UBR has been able to promptly manage old and new challenges of their customers, based on the experience of more than 40 years of activity, always looking towards the future and technical innovation. Our proposal of interchangeable tools offers immediate and tangible advantages, such as:

  • significant time saving of tool changeover
  • higher productivity
  • superior surface finish quality
The quest for new applications

Our special insertable form tools find broader utilization in applications characterized by ever tighter tolerances, ever more complex profiles, ever more extreme finishing. Due to the simplicity of the system, our tools are often used in prototypes and pre-productions. Amongst the other sectors we serve the automotive sector – with its challenging evolution – the medical field – with the significant bio-engineering development – and hydraulic components – characterized, in the last period, by a strong and stressful competition. Our technology is available also for the supply of small and medium quantities, on single lathes and multi – spindle lathes (CNC and traditional), transfer machines, milling centers and sliding headstock CNC lathes. We offer easy and effective solutions, reduction of the time for the replacing of tool, interchangeability of the insert also after a lot of time. This and much more to stay competitive in this all Italian niche.

Our history


UBR has an over forty-year experience in the making of special tools. Incorporated in Brescia, in 1977, from the idea and the collaboration of the founders Roberto Bertanza and Alberto Vidali, UBR has focused its efforts in the making of special tools from customer drawings.

In 1987 the company moved to the current facility in Gussago, near Brescia, in the area of Franciacorta, expanding its production space. During the years, UBR has specialized in the construction of insertable form tools and particulars for transfer machines and single lathes and multi – spindle lathes, moving from brazed tools to the insertable form tools approach.


This innovation was winning and it was the main reason for the partnership with SCHWANOG, a very successful German firm, leader in European, American and Chinese markets in the production of insertable form tools.


This relationship is continuing successfully from many years. Since 1995, in fact, UBR has been exclusive distributor, for Italy, of the entire Schwanog Tool System.

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